Find a Psychologist

In case of emergency, please dial 811 to contact the Mental Health Crisis Line, or visit your nearest Emergency Department.

Psychologists can be accessed through the public health system, the education system, and privately.

All Psychologists must be registered with the NL Psychology Board. A listing of all Registered Psychologists can be found at

To access an Educational Psychologist, please contact your child’s school, Newfoundland & Labrador English School District Educational Psychologists, or or use this link:

Psychologists in private practice provide a fee for service model. Fees are often covered through private insurance plans and/or workplace EFAP programs. As of the APNL AGM Friday May 27, 2022, the recommended fee is $210/hour for individual treatment provided by a Registered Psychologist. Please note that some Psychologists may charge higher or lower fees.


The following is a list of Psychologists providing private practice services.

Name (Keywords):

Areas of Practice

Emotional Abuse
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Acute & Chronic Health Problems
Adoption Issues
Anger Management
Assertiveness / Social Skills
Attachment Issues
Attentional Problems / ADHD
Autism / PDD
Behavioural Problems
Blended / Step Family Issues
Body Image Issues
Caregiver Stress
Conflict Resolution
Couple Therapy
Eating Disorders
Grief / Loss / Bereavement
Habit Change
Learning Disabilities
LGBTSame-sex couples
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Personal Growth / Wellness
Personality Disorders
Phobias / Fears
Physical Disabilities
Rehabilitation - cognitive / neuropsych / brain injury
Relationship Issues
Separation / Divorce
Sex Offenders
Sex therapy/Dysfunction
Sexual Orientation
Sleep disorders / problems
Stress Management
Trauma / CISD / PTSD
Workplace Issues - stress, burnout, harassment, career change
Substance Addiction
Gambling Addiction
Sexual Addiction

Patient Age

< 12 years old
12 - 15 years old
16 - 19 years old
65 years or older

Formal Assessment Services

Behavioral/Emotional Assessment
Parental Capacity Assessment
Career/Vocational Assessment
Personality Assessment
Custody/Access Assessment
Psychoeducational Assessment
Intelligence/Cognitive Assessment
PTSD Assessment
Legal/Forensic/Insurance Assessment
Neuropsychological Assessment
Pain Assessment - Chronic/Acute
Referral for Court/Litigation Assessment
Alcohol-Related Driving Suspensions