Press Release – Importance of Summer Boredom for Kids (12/06/2017)

Press Release – For Immediate Distribution

Importance of Summer Boredom for Kids

As children across the province are preparing for the end of the school year, parents are finalizing busy summer plans.  APNL would like to offer some suggestions to help families this summer.

Embrace the Boredom!

  • Make sure kids are having time to experience unstructured, unorganized time away from electronics and planned, scheduled activities.
  • This helps them develop problem solving skills, creativity, curiosity, imagination, social skills etc.
  • Experience unstructured time both indoors (time to read, do a craft, puzzle or engage in social play) as well as outdoors (experiencing wildlife, riding bikes, playing tag etc.)
  • Families may find it help to create an activities jar at the start of summer with a list of fun activities.  If children are truly having difficulty finding something to do, they can be directed to select an activity from the jar.
  • Teaches kids to act autonomously, accept responsibility for their own well-being, seek out challenges and activities that interest them, and learn how to self-motivate


  • Keep in mind that social media is a key component of social contact for many kids/teens, so some electronics time is still needed
  • Consider limiting time away from screens, and remember for parents to model limited screen time themselves
  • If travelling, make sure at least some of the transit time is electronic free – classics such as “eye-spy” out the window or car karaoke can help.  Encourage books, drawing and conversation during plane rides.

Structured Summer Programs

  • Summer programs may be a necessity for working parents and/or kids looking to explore interests.  Know your child’s needs – some will benefit from lots of outdoor activities and sports, while others would gain more benefit from encouraging a specific skill (e.g. hockey, music, cooking, computers, dance etc.)
  • For kids involved in structured activities, be sure to include some “boredom” time during evenings and weekends

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